Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday Lunch with the Jim Bunch

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MacDonalds on Sunday is getting to be a habit with us. Us is Mema, Mrs. Jim, and me.

We all ate for $6.50. Mema had a Double Cheeseburger Happy Meal, Mrs. Jim and I shared a chicken Snack Wrap and we ate most of the French fries from Mema's happy meal. Mrs. Jim and I also had Senior Diet Cokes.

The routine continues, Mema eats half of her Double Cheeseburger and puts the other in her purse for a pick-me-up in the afternoon, then the three of us share two Hot Fudge Sundaes. That makes for three pretty full-up seniors on a $6.50 investment.


The toy is for me. When asked whether a boy's toy or a girl's toy, I opt for the boy's. I would like to have a Hummer collection to go with my other cars and Happy Meal toys.



My Hummer was like the blue one on top. Boy was I thrilled. I haven't opened the cars, like the Beanie Babies, they will be more valuable unopened.

A twist here. This was my second Hummer toy, since my first one went to a little boy who didn't have a Happy Meal, this one would be the first for my collection.

Wouldn't you know it. Here was another little boy with his Daddy and two sisters, none of whom had eaten a Happy Meal. You guessed it, that little boy now has a nice new Hummer MacDonalds toy.

He opened the wrapper quickly too, right after a big smile followed with a very heartfelt "thank you." Maybe next time . . .


. . . next time, I can find still another little boy who needs a bright new Hummer toy.

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Gidday Jim, Nah I don't think we can stop taggers. It would be good if this could be so. Some other quizes I have filled in have been quite fun.
When I did the tag I just cut and paste from your post so I just assumed the ducks were part of the tag. Do youse mean I stole your ducks?? You know doubt saw Peter's comment. I should answer him with quack,quack!!
I had some pics of hummers going up this huge incline I was going to e-mail but I'm darned if I can find them.
The most nutritious part of a Happy Meal is the toy. You gave the best part.
This reminded me of the story about the man watching the elderly couple splitting a happy meal. The old lady was watching her husband count out the fries, and cutting the hamburger in half, and then she sat and watched him eat.
The man felt so sorry for them that he went over and offered to buy them another meal.
The man stopped eating his half of the hamburger and said "No, this is all we want, she's watching me eat until I get done with the teeth."
Cliff, that's good. It took me a while to sink in. LOL. LOL. LOL. :)
When I lived in Brisbane closer to my grandchildren, I used to often take them to Maccas for a treat. It did seem to be more about the toy and the play area for them,I don't think they ever ate all thatmuch of their meal. Margaret.
You're a nice man, Jim.
Way to go Jim! Having a Hummer is highly over rated anyway.
Sounded like all of you had a wonderful afternoon together. That was also very nice of you to give up your hummer for that little boy. What an act of love you showed that child.

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