Friday, February 29, 2008

All the good news and more!

1. Easter is the Good News Story
2. Houston's Beer Can House will open in March
3. February 29th is Leap Year Day and Go Texan Day, both
4. We heard Billy Jo Shaver sing last night
(the Jim Bunch was eating there too!)

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Easter is the Good News! Christ defeated death and Satan!

Our church will be doing an "Easter Celebration at the Lone Star" for the entire Montgomery County. Our choir will present Easter Music with the Sanctuary Orchestra in accompaniment (Mrs. Jim plays the viola).

Ad is a part of the "whole creation" awaiting the coming of the Lord again.

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This is Houston's famous Beer Can House (
link), displaying over 40,000 beer cans. It will open officially today, February 29. Tickets to the opening are $125 per person. [Link to the Houston Chronicle article with videos]

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February 2008
March 2008

Leap Year! There is an extra day! February 29! Mrs. Jim wouldn't marry me in 1972 because it was leap year. My Dad teased Mom so much about getting married in Leap Year (1932) because in Leap Year the lady can propose to the man! Just like Dogpatch U.S.A!

Today is also Go Texan Day. Everyone wears Western wear, Texas style. If you don't have any cowboy boots you had better buy some quick or stay in bed.

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This is Billy Jo Shaver (link) and his music group. We went with friends, Charles and Lynn on Wednesday night. He writes the songs he plays, some have been picked up by pretty some other well known CW singers.

It was at the Dosey Doe in the Woodlands (link). Cover charge was $22 per head.

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Jim and Mrs. Jim and a friend we met. The food was good, we had crab balls for appetizer. Mrs. Jim had the chicken green salad, I had chicken fried stea
k (Texas style with mashed potatoes and green beans, with white gravy on everything--my steak gravy was on the side).

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Charles picture wasn't right for putting on the blog, here are Lynn, Mrs. Jim, and me, with some more friends we met.

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Looks like a good time for an old chunk of coal.
More food, I see.
HELLO there!!!! Looks like fun!

Adi looks comfy and as sweet as ever.

Go Texan Day!!!!
I'll wear my Wranglers, boots, and huge belt buckle.
Adi sure has a nice comfy looking bed.

$125 to see 40,000 beer cans??? Forget it. Who wants to see a beer can, much less 40,000!! To each his own I guess!!

My goodness, what was Charles doing that you had to rub him out?!
awwww you started eating without me?

I wish I could attend your Easter celebration, it sure sound like it will be nice.

Looks like everyone had a good time and the food sounds great.
40,000 beer can - that's pretty impressive but I don't think I'd pay $125 to see them.
I suppose those trail riders are on their way in... My mouth was salivating while listening to the Channel 2 news broadcast last night. Rosanne Rogers was talking all about the big barbaque cookoff at the Astrodome parking lot....It looked sooooo good. Are you going to the Rodeo?

Adi looks content without her collar.....I'm glad everything went well with her recovery.
Comment on the Beer Can Admission price -- the $125 is for the opening day party, etc. I don't what regular admission is.
Adi... You seem to be recovering just fine. I'm awfully glad they took that funnel off your head. I believe that you and I look quite attractive for matronly eleven year-old pups. You stay healthy. After all, you're a working, therapy dog - folks depend on you!

Well, stop by the old blog, when you get a chance. My two other friends, Lytton and Sidney have been leaving comments and I just posted the third and final part of my early saga. Now, onto the fun stuff! ... Lucy
Hi Jim ~~ Isn't it nice to have all good news? Most of the TV and radio news is bad
That's a lot of beer cans, and Easter
sounds nice at your church. I have heard Billy Jo Shaver and seen him on Country Music Channel. Your meals looked nice as were the photos. Thanks for your comments and glad you enjoyed the jokes. I had to laugh at your radar story with the broken
fallopian tube. Take care, Regards, Merle.
Hi Jim.. Adi looks very comfy on his pillow without his Halo,,
I see the Jim clan eat again. Nice pics..thank for your visit. my hands only turn green when I put my Green garden gloves on, Got to becareful of redback spiders...

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