Friday, April 04, 2008

A new avocation for Jim?

Dreams interpreted follow immediately below! (or click here)

Yes, it surely is. I found this book in with the 'New Books' at our county library last week. It is "The Watkins dictionary of Dreams" which will enable me to be able to interpret dreams.

Please click on the picture to check out the back cover.

I can keep it a total of six weeks. So I still have another four and a half weeks to learn.

If things are very productive, I might even buy the book--why I don't know, after being checked in for one day, I can check it back out again. But this thick trade size paperback is for sale at and is discounted down to $11.66 with free shipping if the order gets up to $25.

I do not dream, nor does Mrs. Jim. Dreaming is one of the most enjoyable pastimes I ever had in earlier life. It didn't even rob me of precious working or play time. I just did it while I was sleeping. More enjoyable too was savoring them and telling of them while I was awake doing things.


I have learned how to use the book, now I need some dreams to learn on. If any of you have dreams you would like interpreted, send them on to me. Either by comment or via e-mail, or by putting a private note to me through my Dr. Jay (Freudian slip, that was what some of my students called me) Dr. Jim commenting system (

I will put the e-mail address in this first comment. It is possible to find it through some of my blog headers or side bars; it isn't in my profile but is in the "About Me Meme."
On the right trackOur Sunday school lesson for this Sunday is about poor little Joseph getting thrown into the pit and then sold by his mean brothers. Don't feel too sorry for him, he was doing a little bragging. And though he was Joseph's favorite son, he wasn't his older brothers' favorite little brother.
His dream was that while working in the fields, his sheath of wheat stood erect and all the other brother's sheaths bowed down around it. I tried my interpretation on Joseph's dream.

Now I don't think it takes much of a super seer to find what this means. Just in case you need help, the Bible at
Genesis 37 tells the interpretation. Simple, all the other brothers were to pay homage to Joseph who would rule tall over them! (Some of you could envision sexual things here also. OK, use your imagination but it wouldn't be Scriptural!)

Then what?

Could your dream with my interpretation end up here on this blog? Yes it actually can happen! But only if you want it that way. If I get really good dream interpretation would be a natural for my
Ask Dr. Jim (blog)!

If I get some before we leave for Ireland I will practice there using my new-found book to determine their meanings for you all.

Dreams interpreted follow immediately below!
(or click here)

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I very rarely dream. Sometimes I wish I did dream. I can daydream real good though. Does that count?
I forgot:

I'll check on daydreams. I have those too.
Cheyenne, good question on day dreams

"Seven or eight hours is a competent time for a melancholy man to rest, as Crato thinks; but as some do, to lie in bed and not sleep, a day, or half a day together, to give assent to pleasing conceits and vain imaginations, is many ways pernicious." (Robert Burton 1577 - 1640)

Yes, day dreaming is dreaming while still awake. Either in wish-fulfilment fantasies or regression to and rehashing of earlier time memories.

Freud believed extreme day dreams were a precursor to hysteria. I would continue further and consider them a form of scheming and plan formulation mental activities.
What a neat idea - I've always been interested in dream intpretation but never enough to want to spend 30 bucks on a book - I should so check one out from the library!

And how sad that you don't have dreams anymore. I recently heard a theory about dreams being the "practice" for events of real life - like it used to be to sharpen our survival skils. Which is why children have nightmares. It was an interesting theory.

Sorry for such a long comment, I just find the subject fascinating! :-)
Well Jim, I do dream but I usually forget them before I am hardly awake..... I think that dreams have a lot to do with your hopes and fears....

I want to dream of the Astro's back in the world series but I think that is more of a wish than a dream. So far we are 1 and 3.

Take lots of pictures on your trip to Ireland and you and Mrs. Jim have a good time.

BTW: I love that parable of Joseph and his brothers. It is a multi-leveled story.
Dear Dr Jim, I keep having this recurring nightmare. I wake up in the middle of a large city in Texas. And to top that off my roof begins to leak and I can't find anyone to fix it.
What do you think this means.
Hi Jim ~~ Glad you enjoyed "Tell
Someone They're Valued." Good advice for us all. I laughed at the note your Mom left you - so funny.
I have a book similar to yours, but rarely remember any dreams I have.
Then I don't bother looking them up.
Good luck with your new hobby!!
Enjoy your trip and your life. Take care, Regards, Merle.
I usually don't remember my dreams, but I did have one the other night that I share with my hubby the next morning.
I dreamed that I was asleep and he came into the room wearing hot pink roller skates and he had pink hair rolled up in great, big, pink rollers the size of orange juice cans or biscuit cans. It was so vivid that when I awoke, I had to think a moment to remember if it was a dream or not.
I'm sending this blog from GA. Howdy!!
Happy Weekend!!!!
JD, I can interpret that one without the book. WackO!

That said, I will look in my book, probably Monday or Tuesday. Thanks.
I usually forget my dreams too. However I had one the other night and I remember it, but I'd just as soon not have it interpreted! Crazy, that's what it was!

Once I dreamed that there was a goat walking on the roof.

Have a wonderful blessed Sunday Jim. If I dream tonight I'll try to remember it!
Jim, the test in next Tuesday and If you want to know what I am dreaming about, it's 468 divided by the frequency in megahertz....formulas, formulas and more formulas....then it's what is this?...It's a capasitor, no it's a resistor, no it's a VFO Tank circuit, no it's a Oscillator circuit....then you hear me scream.....Then, in my head, I see a signal going out thru the D layer, the E layer, the F1 and F2 layers and never coming If I pass this test it will be a miracle. Pray for me.
Hi Jim, I Rarely dream and if I do I hardly remember them.
Have a great holiday take lots of pics...
Ray, here.
I dream every night, the wierdest things. I'm beginning to wonder if I'M weird. It's unsetttling.
Tell me something I don't already know.


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