Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday: New Dog -- Nice meal eating out at IHOP for under $5.00 -- Mustang is home again

New Dog:

Train a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Proverbs 22:6 (

[large picture] [super size]

Meet Katrin. Adi has a sister now, the newest member of our family. We are adopting her as we will inherit her from a very dear friend who died Wednesday.

Ain't she sweet! She may be new, but she is eight years old. So that is 'new to us.'

Was she trained well as a child? We didn't think so yesterday morning, she was a naughty girl.

[large picture] [super size]

This wasn't a bad thing. Even though she is a dainty poodle, here she was acting like a 'hound dog.' She chased a squirrel up this tree in our neighbor's yard.

Adi, our beagle and true hound dog, ran her squirrel the other way and up that big horse apple tree on the golf course behind our house.

The trouble was that Katrin did not want to come back to our house. It took Mrs. Jim and I both with two treats and 20 minutes to finally 'catch' her.

Ever hear the saying about 'free dogs?' "They aren't really free." Here she has left her new vet's with a $51.00 microchip embedded in her body. The way she gets away and doesn't want to come back, that microchip might help us get her back. It has her vital statistics embedded in it.
Our $5.00 meal:

Actually it was $4.99 plus tax. Mrs. Jim had coffee, that was added.

These Celebrate America regional favorites at our IHOP (International House of Pancakes) are the best. I had berries on my pancakes, Mrs. Jim had bananas foster with ice cream. I had a bite of hers, next time I will order bananas foster.

We also had for our 4.99 money, two eggs our way--Mrs. Jim's were medium hard, mine were yolk and broken hard, and a big helping of fried hash brown potatoes. Just delicious. Neither of us wanted any bacon, sausage, or ham. That would have been another $2.00 and we weren't that hungry.
We were stuffed just eating this. For a lighter meal and still get plenty, we could split one of these.

The prodigal Mustang returned:

[click on pictures for large size]

And was it ever welcome back! When it left the A/C had quite cooling and the odometer didn't work.

Now it has really cold air, a reconditioned odometer in the making (it will be finished in two weeks), a radiator flush and new coolant, and new battery cables.

It might be ready for me to put another 28,000 miles on it. That is all I have driven it in the seven years I have had it. It was a retirement present to and from me. A little younger lady had owned it before and put 49,000 miles on it in the three years she had was driving it.

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Hi Jim ~~ I hope all is fixed with your blog now. The "new" dog looks
nice, another for Adi to get used to.
What happened to the last one? The meal sounded delicious and quite cheap. Nice for a treat once in a while. Glad your car is home again.
Take care, Regards, Merle.
Gday Jim. Katrin sure founnd a good home When she became Adi"s sister.I sure you will get many years of enjoyment from her. I had my Penny Microchipped also incase she gets out..

Does that truck owner have bragging rights LOL
Merle, I changed it to read "Adi has a sister now, the newest member of our family."

Adi is helping us to train her, yesterday when she ran off a ways down the golf course, Adi brought her back.
Hi Jim.
The latest addition to your family
sure is cute.
She will be fine with her big brother Adi to look after her.
Dear Jim,
congratulation with one more member of the family.
You are like one of the old prophets; steadily growing.

About your Mustang; what's an old prophet without some new muscles.

What really bothers me about you people in the land of milk and honey is that every thin is so cheap.
Norway produce and exports most of her oil. Nevertheless we have to pay more than 11 dollars a gallon.
As for food; a double espresso cost me more than your pancake meal.
A new car;- since Norway does not manufacture car of her own, we have to pay twice the price of the producer land' car in custom.
Hmm how did that come out? If a car cost 50 000 dollars in USA, we have to pay 100 000 dollars for it here, plus registration fees, even yearly property tax..
Even though it's bought for money we already have paid tax for.

Now how does that politic, which both blue and read agree on sound to you?

Say no word. We are alright anyhow, and we survive.

Happy meal from Felisol
Hi Jim,
I posted your Blogstock picture on My Hats Blog yesterday. Blame it on Janell, she sent it to me. But it's good.

I had one of those $5 meals once. Tasted just like chicken.
Welcome Katrin. You're in good hands. And, keep chasing those squirrels...they always knock down bird baths to get to the feeders.

And, your car came home, too? Life is good.
Welcome to the neighborhood, Katrin. We're very inclusive beagles.
Hi Jim! It was very nice of you to adopt Katrin when her previous owner died....I am sure that ADI will teach her the ropes and she will fit in quickly.

Where did you get those $4.99 IHOP meals? Do they sell them around here?

I bet you are glad to get your Mustang back, she's a beauty!

Storm coming, hunker down!
Hi Jim. Congratulations to Katrin. She's a cutie. She looks like a poodle we had years ago. She was kinda naughty, but we didn't know how to train a dog.

Nice 'Stang.

I hope you are not in the path of Eduard. Did Dolly blow through your neighborhood?
I hope all goes well with the new pup, Jim!
Congratulations to you, Mrs. Jim and Adi on the new arrival! Is Adi embracing her new sibling?

Love the juxtaposition of pink bows and squirrel chasing... she's definitely in touch with her "inner hound."

Drop by Lucy-Maude's "Dog's Eye View" if you get a chance ~ she's fallen off the straight and narrow and has been involved in petty larceny... this post is not for the faint-of-heart...../Deb

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