Thursday, March 12, 2009

Does five of a kind beat a royal straight flush?

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But my five of a kind (see the speedometer, click on large or super), doesn't have any wild cards (rule)(poker hand ranking). It is a dang good poker hand. And seven is my lucky number, a bunch (five) is better still.

Dang good too for a ten year old car (my 1998 Mustang GT Convertible). It had 50,000 on it when I got it in 2001.

So I put 27,000 miles on it in seven years, not even 4,000 a year. I treat it pretty nice, drive it fast (XXX but will go faster) feed it when it's hungry, and have a lot of fun driving it.

With the top down I get a lot of nice words about it. I have had offers to buy it. Some people THINK they are in line for it after me. And just last week the usual nice lady told me what a pretty car I had. That happens often.

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Jim and Adi's car

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[click here for very large size]
This picture was first in a 2007 post some of you may have seen on my other blog,
CUT AND SHOOT, TEXAS 77306 -- A guided picture tour

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VERY nice Jim! :)
It IS a nice car, Jim! Can I have it? :-)))
It's beutiful, Jim!!! :)

Just dropping by to let you know that Looking @ The Sky on Friday will still be up over at my place. It is set to Auto Publish tonight at 6:00pm (my time). Thanks for stopping by!!! :)

Tisha, the CrAzY Working Mom
Very nice car Jim! Cut and Shoot???
Cut and shoot starts right east of Conroe when Conroe stops.
Cut and Shoot is a real red neck town (go see my pictorial). They have the largest Harley Hog chapter in the whole state of Texas. I'd ride with them if I had a Harley.
Nice car Jim....ADI looks very happy siting outside of the So you went to Cut N Shoot....They got some good soaking rain today...We did too.
My daughter Em would love your 'Stang.
And a couple of "catch up" comments:
And you have spring already. It made me happy today when we got out of single digits!

You were an hour late for your own wedding!?! And she married you anyway – what an angel!
Gday Jim.
I see Adi is playing watchdog over your nice car..Can I go for a ride in it.. Ohhh dash its a bit far to go..
Please pop over to my place,, regarding Gwen
I never heard of such a place what a fun name-- Hi Jim, I have eaten Sushi occasionally for several years now and I am just careful but thanks for your concern:) and my family all know they are going to be on my blog and tell me if they don't want one on and then i definitely will not use it:)
you are a real sportser aren.t you...????i would hate to go speeding or touresting with you at the wheel
Dear Mr. Jim,
Of course you are getting a lot of good looks when the top is down.
Those dog gone looks are for my pretty little niece, Adi!!
Love Terry
Hi Jim, That is a nice car and no mistake
I love your car! My Truck is 4 years old and I have over 150,000 on it already. Yikes!
Hey Jim, sorry I haven't been around in a while! No reason, just busy at work and at the blog! :) Love your and Adi's car!
you need to go to your profewssional ask dr. jim blog and release my comment about shopping to the world at large, and the clamoring public...they need to know what i think about shoppers...and dressing up with the wifey...i hope you don't consider my comment offensive...get real jim ...we live in a real world
And my midnight violet '97 GT hasn't hit the 3,000 mile mark yet. That pony is chompin' at the bit and needs to run like the wind, and will...this summer.
Hi Jim ~~ Lots of comments, not sure if it's you or the car. I enjoy haivg visits from friends and relatives, though lately it hasn't been much fun. I see my doctor again next week, so hope the leg is better by then. Glad you enjoyed the jokes.
Take care, Regards, Merle.

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