Friday, June 05, 2009

Today is National Donut Day -- The Jim Bunch Eats

Today, June 5, 2009, is National Donut Day (link). Donuts are free at Dunkin' Donuts (have to buy a drink) and Crispy Creme (all outlets in Houston have closed).

Then in this picture, why am I eating pizza? There are two reasons:

1. I have not eaten any donuts now for two and a half years. They are not on my food plan. I do eat pig in a blankets, kalachies, cake, pie, ice cream, and the like.

But not donuts. Donuts are too tempting, and so easy just grab one. They are everywhere, even in our church lobby on Sunday mornings;

2. Because we are eating at the La Maniguette Bar, Pizzeria, and Restaurant in Mirepoix France (link)(link#2). Mirepoix was on our way to Andorra after leaving the Carcassonne area of France. The pizza seemed best for me.

Did you notice the middle of my pizza? This pizza is very Italian with the egg tossed in there and then cooked (not hard enough for my egg taste preference) along with the pizza. We had one of these in Italy way back when. Then it was a real big surprise for us.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Adi Can -- Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- Find a pretty place to sit

Adi and I went walking again today. Just like we did last Tuesday. Her late sickness (link) did age her some but she is still the same old nice, friendly, and loving beagle dog.

We have been inspecting the latest neighborhood being put here in our Bentwater, Montgomery, Texas, subdivision. It is the last golf course neighborhood and is located on our hole No.9. It is in a pretty setting; it looks over that fairway and on up to the club house.

If you are interested, 'if you want [one] come and get it because they're going fast, they will not last.' (Beatles) (Link to Bentwater Subdivision)

Seriously if any of you golfers are about ready to retire and your 401-K hasn't gone the way of General Motors, this will be a nice place to live. We can play golf on three courses all year long.

We have competition ready tennis courts, two swimming pools, a yacht basin, a fine exercise facility with trainers and exercise classes, and two club houses.

The people are fine here too. You can rub elbows with multi-millionaires (you might be one), professionals--working and retired, and educators--working and retired--like us who are at the lower end of Middle Class America.

If you do come, get in touch with us first and we will 'refer you.' There are niceties for both of us then and an entry in a drawing for a cruise.

Today they were working on the sewer service. The installation was just started last week, meaning that there were a lot of concrete sewer pipes dumped here and there and one bull dozier was working.

We did go visiting last week at the assisted living home in Conroe. She loved it and the residents loved her. In fact we stayed a half hour longer than our usual hour as a nurse had asked us to meet a friend of hers. We had a very nice visit, the lady was originally from Arkansas and moved here to be closer to her daughter.

After that long work day, Adi was ready for her treat and to go her home. She is already for visiting with the resident friends in a couple more weeks.
[For those who don't know Adi, she is a therapy dog. Adi and I are a registered pet therapy team, registered with the Delta Society. You and your dog might like to be like us or other much needed activities. Contact the Delta Society or me.]

Click the Ruby Tuesday button for Mary's Ruby Tuesday post list.
Mary is in charge there, you can see more or post your own from there.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben!

From your family, Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Little Ben.

Big Ben is 150 years old today, it doesn't seem possible, does it? And he's still going strong! (

I've been to see Big Ben quite a few times but all were before I graduated to a digital camera. If anyone has a picture posted for me to 'borrow' for this post I will use it and give you credit.

Just let me know it's okay and where to find it.

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