Saturday, May 04, 2013

To do in Paris — Six Word Saturday —

my Six Words
Two Americans in Paris -- I'm jealous
[click on a picture for a larger view]

Waiting for the Chunnel train going to Paris, France
On the train, KP is eating her PB sandwich that her daddy made for her


KP showing off in front of the Eiffel Tower
Girls like to have chocolate in the hotel dining room
Luck would have it her carousel is still by the River Seine

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Last words from Paris this morning:
She is still sleeping - it's 7:49. I'm going to start her with a granola bar and then... Crepe on rue cler! :)

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Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words for Six Word Saturday. Click the box at right to visit Cate's blog with Mr. Linky showing all the other blogs participating this week. Cate is the boss at Six Word Saturday. She would like for you to participate.

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Friday, May 03, 2013

A Random Five post [001], This and That

1. Karen, our daughter who lives and works in London, and KP, our granddaughter are visiting in Paris for the weekend.

2. Mrs. Jim and I had a 1:08 PM tee time today but we canceled it due to cold weather and high winds.  It was only 54°F here today at noon.

3. Mrs. Jim and I did play golf Tuesday morning in the warm weather.  Temps got up to the 80's for a high.

4. My '98 Ford Mustang GT Convertible rolled over to 100,000 miles.  At 100,036 miles it decided that it needed a new-to-us rebuilt transmission.  We got it back yesterday.  Now it drives like a new 1998 Mustang.

5.  Tomorrow Mrs. Jim and I will go to camp with other members of her Sunday school class to help with disadvantaged youngsters.  We will be helping our church youth with them running the activities for the day.

In the afternoon our vet is having an open house.

Then tomorrow evening we will attend a wedding with our good friend's son getting married.  It will be a 'house wedding' at the home of the new bride.  We have not met her but will make her acquaintance after the wedding.
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I am linked up today with A Rural Journal who conducts her "A Random Five" blog hop.  Click that link to read other "A Random Five" posts or join in with your own.

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Thursday, May 02, 2013

— My Alphabe-Thursday (2nd), the letter "X" / Thursday Two Questions —


My "X" word for this week is Xu. What is that you ask. So I looked it up in the Scrabble Dictionary and this is what I found:
"No Definition of 'Xu' Found - It's still good as a Scrabble word though."
So it seems that if my "X" word, Xu, is not defined but is a word, then it is up to me as to what to post. I am posting several screen captures of items that I have found and then some comment to go with that. Don't be alarmed, I am only posting a few of the many possibilities.

Beck's Prime sent me this coupon so that Mrs. Jim and and I could honor the occasion. We have a Beck's Prime here in The Woodlands, Texas, so it won't be a major drive for us. The Woodlands also has two multi-screen movie theatres so likely we can see a movie for our outing. Or we could go shopping??

You can click on any picture to see it larger. If your browser supports it, you can click again and most will get larger still.  Click here and you might start getting coupons from Beck's Prime that you could use in Texas.

If I ever own a Model T Ford then I would like it to be one of these.  My friend who has two in his car collection asked me what part of it was from a Model T. Still, I like it. (MSN's "Hidden treasure: 12 automotive gems in LA" link) (be sure to click on the picture so you can read the text)

Above is an unknown artist's rendition of the beach at Etretat, France that I found in the Internet.  At right is a picture I took in April, 2009 during our visit there. 

Mrs. Jim, son Tim, and I climbed the cliff up to the church.  Since then I've had another heart stent but then that climb almost did me in.  I did not walk any further past the church with the better walkers, Mrs. Jim and Tim.
Our Spring 2009 Europe Holiday -- Etretat, France (link)

The goofy looking guy at the left is an unknown artist's rendition of Jonah sitting in the belly of the big fish.


Our Sunday school lesson was over the book of Jonah which tells of the episode of the unwilling prophet, Jonah, in his dealing with his mission trip to Nineveh.  Jonah did not want to go there as he detested the people of Nineveh and had decided they did not need to know about God's love for them.

You probably remember this Bible story.  Anyway, when Jonah went the other way God caused a shipwreck and while struggling to keep afloat God sent a big fish to swallow Jonah.  Jonah learned his lesson for a bit and did go to Nineveh and deliver God's message to the Ninevehites.  But he resented doing that afterwards. (my earlier Jonah blog link)

I ran across this picture of Elin Nordegren's new toy.  It is the larger of the two yachts and it belongs to her new boy friend, Chris Cline.

This yacht belonging to Cline is nine feet longer than the one behind it.  The shorter yacht belongs to Elin's ex-husband, Tiger Woods.

A yacht is not on my bucket list.  I did have a John boat once but gave it away.  All I had to do was to set it and the little outboard motor out at the curb and they were gone the next morning.

It may have come in a circulating e-mail.

This summer we should visit relatives.  We have them in Nebraska, Iowa, Louisiana, Tennessee, and London (U.K.).  I subscribe, free, to several tourist information Web sites concerning some of these locations.  Nebraska was showing this picture on the Road Trip recent page of the "Visit Nebraska" Web site (link).  "Visit Britain" also has a nice tourism blog (link).

Or we could just stay home and play golf in our back yard.
Above, right, is hole # 18.  Up the hill is our pro shop and clubhouse.
At left is the view of the putting green and hole # 9 from the snack bar.

While I was getting the Visit Nebraska page to get the link URL this was in my inBox.  Ima Gartner of the Food Network had sent me an invitation to visit her blog and learn how to cook rhubarb deserts (link).  I love rhubarb, that is a reason to visit the Midwest in Spring.  We cannot grow rhubarb down here in the Gulf Coast area.
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==> You can see other "X" letter posts by visiting Jenny's blog post, Alphabe- Thursday. My letter "X" portion of this post will be critiqued by Head Mistress Jenny. I always hope for a good grade from her.
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Now for my Thursday Two Questions.

My post last week was about the "W" word Willie Nelson. It was a post having several of his songs on YouTube presentations.
My Two Questions for this week (you can answer just one if you wish):.

1. What is your liking of using coupons with bargains in eating?
2. How do you feel about Jonah?
Bonus Question(s):

1. What is your favorite "X" word? 
2. What are your travel plans for the year?
==> My Questions here are for Amanda at her Thursday Two Questions blog, Self Sagacity. Please visit her there for her questions and links to other partakers of her fun blogging idea.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Succinctly Yours

Vying for the outside lane, Yellow is being drafted by red.

Oh no! Yellow has braked and Red is up on his back!

There's going to be a fight!
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checked by MicroSoft Word.
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© 2013 Jimmiehov
All Rights Reserved

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GMa's Optional Word of the Week is vie [vying (vng) verb. Present participle of vie ]
Succinctly Yours Week 110 has the picture and links to other posts and gives the rules.
Rules: Use the photo as inspiration for a story. Maximum of 140 characters OR 140 words..


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