Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We had a happy Sunday -- The Jim Bunch eats again, then we went to the City of Houston Herman Park for a while

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Son Tim e-mailed the Jim Bunch last week to have a get-together at Niko Niko's Greek Restaurant. Megan was coming home from Austin. She is graduating from the University of Texas this May with a Masters Degree in Accounting.

That is pretty good, she did it all in five years with extremely good grades. And never once did she change her major. [Her Grandpa Jim changed his three times at the University of Nebraska and three times at the University of Houston, just in getting his bachelor degree.]

At the end here, are Megan and her boy friend, James. We all like James.

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Here we have the Jim Bunch, mostly candid this time. Sorry guy, if you weren't looking at the camera.


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Missing were grandkids, Tim and Renee (live out of town) and BP (she had other places to be), then kids Karen, Billy, Mitch, Carmen, and Mike. A couple of kids were working, three were playing golf.

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After lunch, Mrs. Jim and I drove over to the 445-acre (1.80 km²) Herman Park (link 01)(link 02).

Everyone is proud of the new Herman Park Train. We haven't ridden this one but sure did ride the other one, a lot. Kids and grandkids all liked it when they were young. Mrs. Jim and BP rode that old one just this winter.

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The Herman Park has a really nice Japanese Garden too! We didn't get to stay long there because it closes at 5:00 PM until summer time. (


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The bridge and pond above remind me of Monet's works at Giverny. Mrs. Jim and I want to go there before we get too old for things like that.

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That's General/President Sam Houston at the end of the reflection pool.

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We didn't rent a paddle boat but you do that.


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There is the Museum of Natural Science, the Cockrell Butterfly Center (link), a planetarium, and a very nice IMAX Theatre if you want to stay cool in the air conditioning.

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Walking to the Museum, we saw this orange flowering fruit tree in bloom (in the center of the picture).

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The steps here are in front of the Museum. They lead to a huge sun dial where there are always a bunch of kids playing something similar to hopscotch among the numbers.

What we didn't see were the 4500 animal Houston Zoo (at Herman Park)(you gotta see this link to the zoo and all other attractions at Herman Park, the Miller Outdoor Theatre, and the 18-hole Herman Park Golf Course (click here for a free round of golf).

All three of these are Houston Texas size, that means real big(!!). If you haven't been there, please visit the Wikipedia article, you will be impressed. Come visit us and I promise we can go there!

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You driving the train, Jim?
WOW,Jim! Those are some fab photos and looks like you all had fun! I like the photos in the park:)

Btw, thanks for stopping by! Very much appreciated!
I really love that photo of the Japanese garden - gorgeous.

Have to tell you I scrolled down and read the Adi meme, and watched her on the YouTube clip. I have a beagle-mix dog, so your Adi is a beauty automatically in my book!
Boy friend James. Yes your family could use another Jim. The accounting degrees are quite the accomplishment.
Hi JIm great photo's, are you in the drivers seat or the one standing..
It looks like the "lunch bunch" is having a great time together.....I haven't been down to the zoo in years, but I have been down to Herman Park fairly recently. I was reading about the new train in the Chronicle just a couple of days ago. I should probably take JJ and Jocelyne down there and let them ride it.

I still haven't been in the butterfly museum so I guess I need to go down and visit. Do they still have ducks in the old duck pond? Have you ridden the light rail in downtown yet?
Answers and comments for your questions:

Doug, they won't let me drive their trains anymore. When I tried to run down a guy on his bicycle the boss got all upset when I tried to take it down a side street.

Yen, I mean to blog about my piercing but right now you are the only blogger that knows about it.

Julie, thanks for the nice visit, please come back. Here is a nice little link with a lot of Adi things.

Cliff, that Jim name in most languages means 'good guy.' I know we often don't finish first.

Jeanette, this train was headed for the 'train barn.' Those people waiting to get on couldn't. You should have hear one little girl crying when the train didn't stop for her.

Lucy, I was going to steal the Chronicle new train photo but then I went there before time to post about it.
Lots of ducks around the whole park. I'm not a duck lover, nor any other bird.
Mrs. Jim and I rode the Light Rail train the day it opened. For free!
Jim, I have yet to ride the light rail. I would like to ride it all the way from downtown to Reliant center. I have seen it many times when we have gone down to the medical center for doctors appointments. One of these days!

PS: This General class is going to kill me. We studied math, that I have never done before and other math that I haven't done in 30 years or more. If I can get past the math I might just pass the test.
Herman Park is TEXAS sized for sure! It is lovely, and the Japanese Garden is really pretty.

Congrats to Megan on her graduation!!!!!!
I wish her much happiness & success!

If I ate out as much as you guys, I'd be as broad as my refrigerator.

Hi Jim.
Great shots of the park,you guys sure love your food hope all is well talk soon

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