Saturday, February 04, 2006

Corn Crib Sundae

When was the last time you had a Corn Crib Sundae? Maybe you've never even seen one.

When I was at the University of Nebraska, the Corn Crib Sundae was my favorite. The Corn Crib was the light eating place in the student union. At the west (other) end was a cafeteria.

The specialty dish of the eastern room was the Corn Crib Sundae. I make one of sorts at home some times, but they can't compete with the Corn Crib Sundae of old.

It all started with a large thick brownie, about three inches square. On top of that was a very large dip of vanilla ice cream, followed with a lavish amount of whipped cream and topped off with a maraschino cherry.

I ate at least two of these every week. Occasionally I would eat a meal there or in the cafeteria, but I was already paid up at the BSU [Baptist Student Union]. We had a boarding club with forty guys and a paid cook holding down the fort.

Once or twice a week each of us would do table setting, serving duty, dish washing, or cleanup. We could also do breakfast for a small extra amount, but mostly just the guys who lived in the rooms upstairs ate breakfast there.

I went there for a football game, Rice v. UN, in 2001, and it looked like this luxury was gone. I wonder when? Google wasn't much help here.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Set your VCR or TiVo

for this Saturday night, 10:30 CST. Steve Martin is hosting Saturday Night Live, along with Prince. From
Yahoo TV:

"Saturday Night Live
NBCC Feb 04 10:30pm Add to My CalendarSeries/Comedy, 91 Mins.
"You can record this program to your TiVo.
Learn more...

"Host Steve Martin; Prince performs.

"Cast: Fred Armisen, Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey, Will Forte, Darrell Hammond, Seth Meyers, Finesse Mitchell, Chris Parnell, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Horatio Sanz, Kenan Thompson, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis .

"Original Airdate: February 4, 2006."

Karen and Jr.#4

These are two girls out on the town today. Both had the day off, Jr.#4 from school, Karen from work. They are going to Limited Too and to the California Pizza Kitchen
. I believe they are going to wait for Billy to get off work for the pizza.

Sounds like a fun day. Too bad today is a little cool to put her Mustang top down. The car you see is an amusement park T-Bird, not her Mustang.

California Pizza Kitchen, with locations near you.

Iowa excitement is ending--Part I
. . . like all good things
. . . now back in Texas

We are back from Iowa. It was an eighteen hour drive short a few minutes. 1098 miles to our house (Yahoo Maps said 1090), 45 gallons of gas at 24.6 mpg, and eighteen hours less a few minutes driving time. I subtracted eight miles each for a Runza run and a wrong road in Dallas. Our speedometer reads fast and high also.

Our Iowa visit was nice. In addition to my dad, sister, brother-in-law, nephew and family, there are a lot nice things to do and see. That will be 'Part II.'

Our trip back was uneventful. One little incident in Dallas rates mentioning. We got side-tracked. Our car headed to the DFW airport. It has a mind of its own and uses it when it wants. Eight miles and 20 minutes later and we got it back on I-35 South. Driving in Dallas isn't my favorite thing to do. Houston, Las Angeles, Madrid, or Paris are much better. We can handle them better.

Always when going through Dallas, stay on I-35 South. There are diversions from both lanes when you aren't looking for them. 'I-35 South' may only have one or two lanes with three to six going elsewhere. Get in the 'I-35 South' lane as fast as you can when you see another choice.

One exception: Take the 'I-45 to Houston,' 'I-30 East,' exit. That will be the right hand land, developing into two right hand lanes. Stay in the right land on I-30 East for three fourth mile. It develops into two right hand lanes, stay right onto 'to Houston.' Be careful, by then there are three lanes, the left goes to Grand Prairie.

Our stops were gas and Runza at Lawrence, KS, potty stop on Kansas Toll Road and Iowa rest stop, gas at Okla City, and a snack just south of Dallas at a WhataBurger.

That Whataburger wasn't my favorite. Senior drinks weren't free. They are free at Huntsville and Conroe, but senior drinks didn't even exist there just south of Dallas. See my
December 6 blog about Whataburger.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

First Time

and hot, hot!

This time it is tobasco sauce. I had never eaten Tabasco Sauce until the other day. Mrs. Jim made some white beans and ham. My mother used to make navy beans and ham. There never was very much ham, just a little flavor and some odd pieces and a few bones. Mom's was really good.

Mrs. Jim didn't use to make this kind of beans and ham. Her specialty was and is red beans and rice. The beans were made with pieces of ham and andouille sausage. She puts just the right kinds of spices in the beans to make them wonderfully Cajun. Then they are served over rice.

Until I met Mrs. Jim I wouldn't think of eating beans and rice together. Red beans and rice is a Louisiana staple. All the Cajuns eat them regularly, the transplants eat them just about as well.

After eating her red beans and rice these white beans without rice seemed very bland. The trouble is we are about forty-five minutes round trip from the grocery store. So she made do with the white beans.

Right away Mrs. Jim added some Tabasco Sauce to her dish. Since things were so bland I decided I would try it that way too.

Viola! Instant improvement.

So that is how I came to eat Tabasco Sauce at such an old age, for the first time.

p.s. You can read up on
Tabasco Sauce (link) here. Most all of it is made in Louisiana. There are several brands, but the most famous is Trappy's. More also can be found from Linda Stradley, and to the web site What's Cooking America, and/or her cookbook I'll Have What They're Having - Legendary Local Cuisine.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Excitement still--Taxes are finished

Dad even gets a few refunds. Just the right amount, nothing big, but for sure no penalties for underpayment.

Adi and I went to see Dad today. He enjoyed seeing Adi. Most of the other residents did too.

For supper we had one of Jim's wall-eye pike fish he brought from Canada last summer. It was a nice big one, the four of us had two pieces left over. I hope I get those first. They will make a nice sandwich.

Jim might be almost finished going to Canada. So if you want to go with him, get invited soon. Too, starting in 2007 people will need a passport for getting into Canada.

I did put my '50 Ford bumpers in the trunk. I will have to tie it shut and let them hang out about ten inches. They aren't NOS by far, but will rechrome nicely if I need them.

Tomorrow is open. We will probably leave Thursday and expect to be back home Friday.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Check your knees


Is there something that is bothering you?

Part I. (If you get bored reading this part, please skip down to Part II.)

My left knee isn't doing too good. But I should be thankful because a lot have worse knee problems than me.

I had arthoscopic surgery last September to fix a torn meniscus. The orthodpedic surgeon found it was torn on both sides. He trimmed off the torn places on both sides, that eliminated the aching pain for those. While he was there he scraped out some arthritis.

End of the story, right? Not quite. Besides the tears, I had developed a cyst in back of my knee. A hard mass about the size of a baby bottle, maybe wider in places. While the doc was doing the surgery the cyst drained, but it came back now.

I went to the doc a three times since the surgery. First for followup, all ok. Second to check on the cyst that had filled back up. Doc drained it, got about 250 cc of yuckie out. And I bled before getting to the car. Back in, they cleaned me up and taped me up. My blood thinner and aspirin had caused to bleed after he had finished draining it.

The third time was routine, but the swelling had returned. Doc said let us just leave it alone and see what happens. Don't baby it either. It could rupture or get better or stay the same. He even allowed me to ski Iowa, but we aren't going to make it. Doc said in about ten years I would be ready for a knee replacement and let's see if I can last that long. We will see. If I can't wait he can take out the cyst, but that is painful and requires a long cut which will be slow to heal.

Part II.

I had another worry. After the surgery, I noticed I was knock-kneed. I didn't think I ever was that way before, in fact I always thought I was bow legged. Mrs. Jim thought I was goofy.

Anyway, I asked the orthopedic dr/surgeon about this problem. I told him all about it and that I couldn't stand at attention anymore, like we had to do in the Army. Then, our feet should be together at the heals and about six to eight inches apart at the toes. Standing that way now, my heals are about six inches apart when my knees touch each other.

I did mention to the doc that maybe I shouldn't be concerned about things like this. Doc was very nice and really was glad that I was noticing things like this. He said most people as they get older become more bow legged, but that a few get knock kneed or don't change. It is all dependent upon how our joints wear when they age. Hip joints and knee joints and foot joints. [Thigh bone connected to the knee bone connected to the foot bone, I sure was glad I remembered my anatomy.]

So why don't you measure and record how your heels and knees are spaced when you stand at attention. Then maybe once a year check on your aging process and your joint settlement. Osteoporosis can enter into this too.

Part III.

Being goofy. See, I'm not really goofy, even if Mrs. Jim said I was. If you have a worry, get it checked out.

Iowa is not very exciting today, Texas could be this exciting too.

Why not, because I'm doing my dad's income taxes. I might not finish until tomorrow.

Why would Texas be this exciting? Because I could be doing these taxes in Texas just as well as I'm doing here.

What is not exciting about these taxes? I have to file four returns for one man. 1) There is the federal 1040. 2) We have to file a 1041 federal for Mom's trust. 3) Nebraska needs income tax filed for the farm. The 120 acres made about $3750 profit this year. Not nearly enough to support a family of four. Way below the poverty level. More three times that much from Social Security. 4) Iowa state income tax on his Social Security and retirement stuff.

That all is not exciting!

The sun did shine, the first time since we came on Friday night. It was out for almost an hour this afternoon. Also there was a little snow on the grass this morning. The sign at the Iowa Welcome Center said, "Iowa--where the excitement begins."

Those three things were exciting for Iowa people today.

Not Much Excitement in Iowa Yesterday . . .

More later, bye. Jim

Sunday, January 29, 2006

11,623 Eskimos Can‘t Be Wrong!
You may have seen these before. My friend, John M. e-mailed them.
I hadn't seen them and thought they were kinda' cute.
Most of them, that is.
Maybe not for your or my state.

More excitement from Iowa

The morning started with a much needed shower. Then breakfast of coffee, a half sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit, more coffee, and the usual half granola bar. Mrs. Jim had the identical same breakfast. That happened at McDonald's.

Then it was a steady diet of basket ball games, seventh grade great nephew an eighth grade great niece were playing. The last game ended at nine thirty tonight (Saturday night).

In between we had lunch at Culver's. I had a Philly Ribeye Steak Sandwich with water, Mrs. Jim had chili in a bread bowl. They both were good.

At 4:00 we headed to the nursing home with a hot fudge sundae. That was to celebrate Dad's 96th birthday. He was doing pretty good, smiled some and ate about half the sundae. At one point he called me Howard (his younger brother, now deceased). I reassured him I was Jim and was with Mrs. Jim. We aren't sure if he knew or not. Tomorrow we will visit again.

When we got home we were greeted by Adi. She was glad to see me and felt like maybe there wasn't need to worry I wouldn't return. She gets anxiety something when I'm gone. When I return she cries and whimpers an we talk a bit. More than a bit, for a few minutes really.

We had birthday cake and ice cream with Jim, brother-in-law. He is an unmentionable age now, it is a very large and round number. One that made me want to run away for mine.

Oh yes, it is raining here. It was raining in Houston, according to Karen. I hope it is raining in Lubbock too. And Elise, I eat one or two times a week at MdD's. Generally a double cheeseburger and a senior Diet Coke with two refills.

You'all enjoy and we will try to stay excited here in Iowa.

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