Saturday, December 06, 2008

Have you had your car read lately? #015 -- Our Early Ford V-8 club meeting for lunch -- Part II

I have been having people ask if the old car club (Early Ford V-8) lunch was just for men. I thought I had better show that quite a few women came too.

Mrs. Jim could not come, she is coming tomorrow for our Christmas lunch at another farm (the one with the cow pies).

Click any picture for a full screen capicture. Change the "800" in the URL to "1600" for a larger than screen view.

No, this isn't Mrs. Jim. This is the hostess of our lunch, she and her husband own the little farm. But she wouldn't stand still for me to take her picture. I had to hold her down so she wouldn't run from the camera again.

The old cars are from left to right, 1941 Ford Fordor, 1935 Ford Coupe, 1940 Mercury Convertible, 1947 Ford Club Coupe, (red) 1946 Ford Tudor, and a (green) 1951 Mercury Fordor. On the trailer is a just purchased 1941 Ford 3/4 Ton Pickup.

These bricks don't say "Mexico," they say "Mexia." Mexia is a nice fun little town between Houston and Dallas. They used to have a brick factory making red bricks.

One famous person grew up in Mexia, Anna Nichole Smith (my blog link).

Not everyone brought an old car. Some are just a little old, here '65 Ford Mustang, '74 Ford Mustang II (mine), '57 Ford T-Bird, and then this newer runt of another make.

Ponies but not Mustangs

The ride home was nice, I took the quicker way back. It was still fairly 'scenic.' My 1974 Mustang II, it was my Mom's until she passed away in 1999. I was the original owner, then I sold it to Mom two weeks later. Before that it was a program car rented by a Ford Motor Company employee from Ford. I worked for Ford also but did not have a lease car.

There was a better and faster way home. This road led to the Interstate.

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Beautiful photos. Looks like you had a really good time. We no longer belong to our Mustang club for reasons I can't remember. But I do remember it was always fun to go to the outings they had.
What a lovely place to show off all those cars and be able to enjoy the scenery as well.
That looks like fun.
Dear Jim,
I can clearly see you and your car bunch are having a good time on that "little" farm.
A suitable background for those jewel cars.

You've talked about the red brick factories. These were real nice ones.
From the hometown of the misfortuned Annna Nicole Smith.

From Felisol
I remember the green mustang from long ago. It drove the streets of Tekamah at one time.
Good story about having your arm around another woman. Really.
Be careful as you drive with the camera =)
hi, that looked like fun!

Hi, Mrs. Jim
Looks like a great time. The older cars are really neat! Was your wife jealous that you had your arm around another woman??
Great photos, Jim. I does look like everyone had a great time.
What a lovely place Jim!! Looks like a whole heap of fun! I'll take the horse!!
Jimbo ~ You are just a PARTY Animal! I too can remember when these REALLY OLD CARS were NEW CARS! ~ jb///

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