Friday, September 26, 2008

Have you had your car read lately? #008 -- A pretty girl drives this car!

Jim's Little Photo Place today: Skywatch Friday

Today: Native American Day (U.S.A)

Picture of the day:

[large picture] [super sized]

How do I know a pretty girl drives this car?
I saw a smaller size head with a pony tail hairdo.

How do I know she is a nice girl? By the way she drives, very carefully.
She even stopped at the stop sign! (Jim followed her through, hiding behind the truck, not stopping again. OK?)

Why is there a stop sign in the middle of the road and an orange light as well?
Just for this pretty girl and me to stop. Not really, the controller has been damaged when Ike knocked the power out.

Any other hints on why she is a nice girl?
Yes, her license plate (I have it 'blued' out) is personalized, with a name presumably hers. And it ends with "...MY" which means she has been named with an endearing label. And that letting people know this was worth $50 to someone!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

A new MacDonald's cup handling procedure?

Jim's Little Photo Place today:
Skywatch Friday will be posted around noon

Today: International Ataxia Awareness Day (IAAD)
[National Ataxia Foundation] [Wikipedia article on Ataxia]

Picture of the day:

[click any picture for large size] [super sized]

People are saying that Katrin is not getting on the blog often enough. (Some of my kids say that too.)

So here she is right after her bath yesterday. She was all frisky but decided it would be OK to settle down enough for me to take her picture or two. She will have her own post not too long from now.

MacDonald's cup holding procedure:

[super sized] [super sized]
This seems unsanitary to me. If I want someones fingers or thumb in my drink cup (which I don't) then at least they could put on a clean rubber glove before handling it.

Do you think they do this so that the clumsy help they hire won't be so apt to drop the cup.

The lady in a different colored dress was doing this at the Sealy, Texas, MacDonald's Restaurant last Friday. That different color dress denoted either supervisor status or a trainee. I don't know which suited her.

At Hurst, Texas (1401 W Pipeline Rd), it was a young man who grabbed every cup with his fingers inside. He had on a regular colored outfit. And he didn't look like he was just hired yesterday, he was knowing what to do and he did most tasks rather quickly.

What about your MacDonald's, is this a nationwide procedure now?

Word of the day:
Devil's Dictionary: A sentiment appropriate to the occasion of another's superiority.
Urban Dictionary: The trademark sign of love between two cynics. Often accompanied by sarcasm and clever insults.
Aww, look at the hatred they have towards each other. They're such a cute couple.
TheFreeDictionary: n. Intense animosity or hostility.
Plans for the day:
Check blog comments and answer, especially the Little Photo Place for Wordless Wednesday madness.
TBA for more
Did the shopping. A little towards the clutter organization .
Ongoing Plans:
Get my clutter organized
Prepare Sunday school lesson, 1 Samuel

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Adi Can -- Be a working dog

Jim's Little Photo Place today:
Wordless Wednesday (still has a classic Morris Minor 1000
I found when traveling in the Isle of Man)

Today: National Punctuation Day (so do it write!)
Source: Kelley of Regis and Kelley today
Picture of the day:

[Click any picture for large size] [super sized picture]

Yesterday Adi was a working dog. We visited residents who live at Hearthstone Assisted Living Center in Conroe, Texas. We have made several friends there, they like to visit with us. Adi sure gets a lot of loving and petting there!

We sign in at the front desk after visiting the residents who are sitting out front, either in wheel chairs or the rocking chairs always there. This is the South you know, even Mrs. Jim has a white wooden rocking chair on our porch.

After that we walk through the halls stopping at the parlors, game area, and puzzle place. Most times we stop in at the Harbor, a portion of the center especially reserved for Alzheimer afflicted residents. Today we ran out of time and couldn't.

We did have pretty long conversations with two of Adi's friends in particular, we look them up every time we come. The rest of the time was spent with shorter visits with so many I lost track. I'm sure Adi did too.

We are a certified Pet Therapy Team, certified by the Delta Society. We are trained, then have to pass both a written test and a two-part suitability test which shows Adi's training and her gentleness, and how well we handle ourselves in different simulated 'surprise' situations. [Delta Society link]

Adi and I belong to the Montgomery Pet Partners (link) which consists of teams, an animal and an owner/other, who assist in various situations where therapy animals are helpful. Our people visit hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living centers. Interested persons may also join our group but cannot participate with an animal until certified by the Delta Society (tests are passed).

The other aspect is reading, Adi is a reading dog as well. This involves tutoring a child where the child reads to the dog (and owner of course) and in weekly visits to the children's reading programs, mostly on Saturday mornings.

Now, all work and no play make Adi and Jim dull kids:

Our morning began with a nice walk back from the golf pro shop where Mrs. Jim dropped us off for her 8:40 tee time. She went golfing with her buds. Actually my day began with a Tuesday morning Bible study with about 15 other men at the club house. Then our walk. [super sized picture]
Too bad Adi isn't a counting dog, she could enjoy herself counting all these horse apples that the winds from Hurricane Ike blew off. Adi can count to two and six, one bite of graham cracker is never enough when I'm taking my medicine. She has one bite and then the second when I am on pill number six. [super sized picture]
We ended up down in the quiet area of the golf course. It is down from our house just a short walk away. The lake is up after our rains but it will be lowered soon for inspection of the dam. Hurricane Ike may have damaged it as did Hurricane Rita three years ago. That year the lake remained empty all next summer still while the dam was being repaired. [super sized picture]

Adi got tired, she is tiring more easily now in her older years. (My Autumn poem link)

In case you don't go to that link, here is the picture I have posted there:

[large picture] [super sized


Word of the day:

Devil's Dictionary: A wife, or bitter half.
"Now, why is yer wife called a helpmate, Pat?"
Says the priest. "Since the time 'o yer wooin'
She's niver [sic] assisted in what ye were at --
For it's naught ye are ever doin'."

"That's true of yer Riverence [sic]," Patrick replies,
And no sign of contrition envices;
"But, bedad, it's a fact which the word implies,
For she helps to mate the expinses [sic]!"
Marley Wottel

Urban Dictionary: single mom -- A woman working more than 40 hours a week while simeotaneously cooking, cleaning , and nurturing the future generation without the benefit of a helpmate.
TheFreeDictionary: A helper and companion, especially a spouse. [Probably alteration of helpmeet (influenced by mate).]

Word History: The existence of the synonyms helpmeet and helpmate is the result of an error compounded. God's promise to Adam in Genesis 2:18, as rendered in the King James version of the Bible (1611), was to give him "an help [helper] meet [fit or suitable] for him." The poet John Dryden's 1673 use of the phrase "help-meet for man," with a hyphen between help and meet, was one step on the way toward the establishment of the phrase "help meet" as an independent word. Another was the use of "help meet" without "for man" to mean a suitable helper, usually a spouse, as Eve had been to Adam. Despite such usages, helpmeet was not usually thought of as a word in its own right until the 19th century. Nonetheless, the phrase "help meet" probably played a role in the creation of helpmate, from help and mate, first recorded in 1715

Plans for the day:

Check blog comments and answer, especially the Little Photo Place for Wordless Wednesday madness.
Shop a little in Montgomery and maybe Conroe and Willis -- for new supply of hot dogs, relish, ice cream, frozen dinners, and whatever sounds good. Our refrigerator and freezer are bare. Also need to get the heavier wire to tie the two bushes.
Mrs. Jim is playing bridge with her three cronies in the afternoon. She will wash Katrin in the morning.
After bridge she will run a couple of errands then go to the church to finish her job--volunteer--doing orchestra librarian work.
After that is orchestra practice. Mrs. Jim plays the viola.

Got all done on my list except shopping. Not much though about the clutter organization
Ongoing Plans:
Get my clutter organized
Prepare Sunday school lesson, 1 Samuel

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- The Jim Bunch Eats
in Sorrento, Italy

Jim's Little Photo Place today:
Wordless Wednesday (has a classis Morris Minor 1000
I found when traveling in the Isle of Man)

Picture of the day:

[click any picture for large size] [super sized]
This was taken at a restaurant in Sorrento overlooking the Bay of Naples. In the distance we could see Mt. Vesuvius or just look across to see the beautiful Excelsior Vittoria Hotel. Mrs. Jim made a nice self-guided tour over there, I stayed outside on a bench watching people.

If that pepper seed jar lid isn't enough red for you, then click on the pictures below:

Girl on a motor scooter in red coat. There were a lot of girls riding scooters, I have a picture collection of some of them. [super sized]
The lovely Excelsior Vittoria Hotel across the water just a bit sitting on its own rock. [
super sized]
Mrs. Jim and I on the roof of our hotel. Mt. Vesuvius (link) is across the Tyrrhenian Sea (Western Mediterranean Sea)(Bay of Naples), as was Naples beyond the picture width to the left of the mountain. [
super sized]

Word of the day:
Devil's Dictionary: The science of adapting sermons to the spiritual needs, capacities and conditions of the congregation.
Urban Dictionary: HOMILETICS isn't defined yet.
TheFreeDictionary: the art of sacred speaking; preaching. — homiletic, homiletical adj. See also: Religion

Plans for the day:
Check blog comments and answer, especially the Little Photo Place for Wordless Wednesday madness.
Walk home from the club house with Adi (meaning: Mrs. Jim drop us off there while she golfs with her group)
Get yesterday's mail that we forgot to get yesterday
Take Adi to Conroe where we will visit residents at Hearthstone Assisted Living Center (take shower and get ready first)
Shop a little in Conroe--not decided about taking Adi home first
Wash my clothes

Got all done on my list. Not much though about the clutter organization
Trees need stronger wire, right now using 2X4's to help reduce the tension. Will get the wire while I'm in town today.
Extra (was TBD): Vacuumed the floors

[super sized] .................... [super sized]
Ongoing Plans:
Get my clutter organized
Prepare Sunday school lesson, 1 Samuel

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Today is the first day of Fall. Enjoy the season!

Jim's Little Photo Place today:
One single impression: Autumn (a poem)

Picture of the day:

[Click picture for large] [Super sized]

Word of the day:
Devil's Dictionary: The humorist of the medical profession.

Urban Dictionary: HOMOEOPATHIST isn't defined yet.
TheFreeDictionary: (Homeopathy) Noun -- a method of treating disease by the use of small amounts of a drug that produces symptoms of the disease in healthy people [Greek homoios similar + patheia suffering]

Plans for the day:
Straighten and tie waxed myrtle bush tree in front of house (partially uprooted by Hurricane Ike)

Call in prescription refill. This is to our new prescription drug insurance provider. A test to see if they accept our refills.

Call retirement living center to see if they are ready for Adi and my Tuesday visit (may not be back in order due to Hurricane Ike)
Adi gets a bath

Work on organizing my clutter

Wash some clothes

Other things, TBD

Went to church

Lunch at Applebee's

Paid a bill and shopped for necessities--groceries, printer cartridges, stakes for trees

Answered blog comments

Read part of the Sunday paper

Tried new brand of ice cream, HEB Creamy Creations Light Vanilla before bedtime. All four of us liked it (Mrs. Jim, Adi, Katrin, and me)

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

FEMA MRE's like manna from heaven?

As you know, Hurricane Ike left South Texas and South Louisiana in a terrible mess. I was reminded of manna** from heaven when FEMA showed up Tuesday, four days after Ike had come, with MRE's, water, and ice. Now they have blue tarps to put over holes on rooves.

Well, we didn't get any MRE's ** on Tuesday when they showed up. Hurricane Ike taxed FEMA's capabilities once more. They had run out. I would have liked to taste one but we did still have a little food we were keeping on ice that we could eat.

We did get four bags of ice. I think they still had a little water too, but our MUD** # 18 came through with flying colors one more time. They were running on generators as no one up here had electricity.

You might ask why we didn't just go to the Kroger store? Only problem was that they were closed as their power was also out and all their food was spoiling. Ditto for all stores of every kind 150 miles from the coast, all the way from New Orleans to Freeport, Texas.

We didn't go back for ice Wednesday but hightailed it to Katy to stay with our daughter's family. They didn't lose electricity and had just gotten their cable TV, Internet, and telephone back on Tuesday night.

We were ready for water loss. I drew a bath tube full of water to flush toilets and wash with and had saved up a dozen gallon jugs for filling with water.

Was I worried that someone would break in and steal my drinking supply? No way, Adi was standing guard. Only nine of them are in this picture.

large picture] [super sized]

Did we eat good in Katy? You can bet your bippy, the Jim Bunch always eats! Billy cooked; we had steak, twice baked potatoes, salad, macaroni and cheese, and bread.

[large picture] [super sized] ... [large picture] [super sized] ... [large picture] [super sized]

** Notes:
MRE: Civilian Food Rations: Complete (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) link

MUD in Texas stands for Municipal Utility District for populations living outside city limits. We pay taxes (about $1500 a year) and then a monthly fee for sewer, water, and garbage pickup. Entergy provides our electricity, we heat and cook with propane gas.

Marna: "The people of Israel called the bread manna. It was white like coriander seed and tasted like wafers made with honey. Moses said, "This is what the LORD has commanded: 'Take an omer of manna and keep it for the generations to come, so they can see the bread I gave you to eat in the desert when I brought you out of Egypt.' " Exodus 16:31-32

Update: Things are not nearly all up and running. In Houston 2400 intersections have non-working traffic lights tonight so traffic is a mess when it flows. There is a curfew at night.
Tonight 54% of the customers in the Houston area had their power restored, last night only half had.
I don't have statistics on destroyed and unlivable homes yet. Many have not been able to get in to see their homes yet either.

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