Thursday, March 12, 2009

Does five of a kind beat a royal straight flush?

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But my five of a kind (see the speedometer, click on large or super), doesn't have any wild cards (rule)(poker hand ranking). It is a dang good poker hand. And seven is my lucky number, a bunch (five) is better still.

Dang good too for a ten year old car (my 1998 Mustang GT Convertible). It had 50,000 on it when I got it in 2001.

So I put 27,000 miles on it in seven years, not even 4,000 a year. I treat it pretty nice, drive it fast (XXX but will go faster) feed it when it's hungry, and have a lot of fun driving it.

With the top down I get a lot of nice words about it. I have had offers to buy it. Some people THINK they are in line for it after me. And just last week the usual nice lady told me what a pretty car I had. That happens often.

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Jim and Adi's car

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This picture was first in a 2007 post some of you may have seen on my other blog,
CUT AND SHOOT, TEXAS 77306 -- A guided picture tour

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ruby (Red) Tuesday -- New or old? Purple, white, pink, or red?

Those colors, purple, white, pink, or red?
What do they have in common?
Why do I include white?
(The plants are in our side yard.)

This is our first azalea bud for the year.
I am not sure what color it is, I call it purple.
Those buds are very encouraging.

These are white wild raspberry blooms.
When they die off, the azaleas behind
them will come out, in reds and pinks.

This is our red bud tree in bloom.
It doesn't get very tall as it can
not keep up with the competition
for soil nutrients and water.

Our red bud tree is a week or two
behind most of the others. So are
the azaleas, a lot of things come
late at the Jim's place.

I won't tell you what kind of vehicle this is.
(It's red!)

If you know or want to guess please tell us what you think in a comment.
Include make, model, and year or what all you know.

Click the Ruby Tuesday button for Mary's Ruby Tuesday post list.
Mary is in charge there, you can see more or post your own from there.
(Why GREEN here? Next week will be Green for St. Patrick's Day if we we wish).

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Be glad

I was glad when they said unto me,
Let us go into the house of the LORD.

Psalm 122:1

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